Christine’s Cancer Research Colour/Paint Run Video and Link

Our lovely Christine Shields has made this little video for her upcoming paint and colour run to support Deborah James’ Bowelbabe Fund and Dove House Hospice.
Cancer research is vital, as is research for anything, in order to improve outcomes, cure, save lives. As a researcher myself as one of my roles, I know how true this is and the lengthy and often difficult processes that go into research. As someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer younger than the typical age (typical age tends to be over 50), just like Deborah James being diagnosed with bowel cancer younger than typical age, it just shows that even statistics of when or what ‘typical’ is sometimes isn’t the whole story. More research will help with this.

Christine approached me saying she wanted to do something supported by Physis Arts, Sciences, and Therapies to help charity – she does an event every couple of years for different places. She asked me where I think there is current need. Deborah James was nearing her death at this time. I knew right away which charity to recommend on this occasion.

As I write this post, I am currently writing an essay and undertaking a research experiment as part of an assessment on the topic of breast cancer screening. Counting cells. Forming arguments on the topic of mammography. Looking at research. I await my next mammogram on the 17th August. Dear Deborah died at the end of June, but her legacy for cancer research and living despite death will live on.

Thank you Christine for your own ‘rebellious hope’ and courage in coming through all you have in your own struggles, and giving to the world to make such a difference.

A Recovery Blog Post from Katy Langfield

Katy writes regular blog posts for Physis Arts, Sciences, and Therapies. She is recovering from an eating disorder, learning to manage GAD and episodes of depression, whilst navigating a grieving process after her mum died suddenly.

She consistently attends her counselling/therapy appointments with me and her clinical email psychological support sessions, using such things as motivational interviewing techniques, with Physis’ junior practitioner, Hannah.

Katy puts things she is learning in her sessions into practice between sessions, and this is a key – consistency in daily practice, not just when crisis hits, but in an ongoing way, so it becomes a way of life and re-wires the brain into more healthy coping patterns.

Here is what Katy has to say in this next blog post:

‘My recovery is up and down and not straightforward.
My hope and goal and intention is that in 5 years time I want to be in full recovery from the ED and more fully managing the anxiety etc.
What this means for me is no ‘blips’ in the ED and no intrusive thoughts. It helps in my recovery by going to my counselling/therapy sessions, my clinical email support sessions, and writing my blog. I am really determined to make a full recovery and reach my goals.
I still have down days, but I don’t beat myself up for it anymore like I used to. I have realised it is not plain sailing, but that there are ups and downs, and that that is OK and part of the recovery journey and life.’