Streamlined Services, New Projects, Sustainability, and a Semi New Name :-)

We (Hannah and Leighah) have spent the past couple of months really decluttering a number of things in life. We want to live more sustainability in all meanings of the word. We want to focus more instead of scattering ourselves or spreading too thin. We want time to just breathe. We want to respect what we need.
This has also meant streamlining what services we offer, being very strict about what services belong on which days and in which time slots, making room for services that have been left a little by the wayside, as well as our creativity practices which we noticed had been happening less than we wanted and needed.
In the light of all this, we have also changed the name of the business to ‘Physis Creative, Educational, and Personal Development Services’. This allows for more scope and more limits at the same time 🙂 We have dropped the word ‘therapies’ not because we are not offering some therapies, but because they became the majority and sometimes we felt we were seen mostly and mainly in this role, which is actually only some of our experience and qualifications and plans for our lives and work. Arts is replaced by Creative, as this allows for arts, but also creative processes. Educational is added as we do teach and offer educational workshops as well as personal development and therapeutic workshops. And in this, we are not doing all these things at once.
We are also looking forward to the launch of our exciting new project based on slowing down and essentialism – we gave been developing it in a slow and sustained manner, practicing what we are preaching.

We hope you enjoy the sloth photo. There is so much to learn from that wonderful creature. Stay tuned for more on that soon…

Our Sadness on the Death of The Queen

Physis Creative, Educational, and Personal Development Services want to express our deepest sadness on the death of The Queen of our country.

Her death has sent shock waves through us, just as it has through the nation. As a company that respects the Royal family and has some links to some of the work of the Royals for charities, and having great respect for The Queen, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for all she has done to serve over the 70 years of her reign.

We are incredibly aware of the impact of deaths on other deaths. We can imagine many across the nation are grieving not only The Queen, but other past and present losses at this time.

We extend our love and sympathy to her family.

We have been commissioned to write a document of support for people on the death of The Queen. We are working hard on this to meet deadlines before the funeral, whilst also processing our own shock and grief. We will make sure it is available to as many people as possible.

Shift Network Course (a free one and an upgrade one) on Highly Sensitive Person

In partnership with the Shift Network, we are promoting this course – there is a short free version video and an upgraded paid version that can be studied over 7 weeks live (or by accessing the recording). Even if you only access the short free version, it still has some valuable material. If you have the means to upgrade to the paid version and think this course would benefit you or those you work with, then all the better. Do take advantage of the free version, though 🙂

Use our partnership link below for either 🙂

We will choose and promote a course (both free and upgrade) every Monday 🙂

Congratulations to Christine on her Colour Run for Cancer Research/Bowelbabe Fund and Dove House Hospice

A little message/update from Christine Shields, one our our lovely clients at Physis, on her recent achievement for cancer research/bowelbabe fund and Dove House Hospice. We were thrilled to support Christine in this generous endeavour. Here’s what she sent on completion of the run and collection of funds:

Thank you to everyone thank sponsored me to do the hull colour run together we are making a difference.
TOTAL for bowel babe cancer research £251.25
TOTAL for dove house hospice £125.00
So raised for the day an amazing £376.25.
Thank you to everyone one of you for making this possible,
Take care,
Christine xx