New Patreon for Exclusive Content

Leighah/Physis has set up a Patreon account and site. Here, subscribers/patrons can receive exclusive content, offers, events. It will not all be self-help or therapeutic resources, but also creative work, and more.

This is a way Leighah can reduce some face to face and client facing direct work (or at least not take more right now), to honour her work with the science and quality of life of breast cancer and the Combined STEM degree, and also a way of spending time with creativity and producing resources. There will still remain some free resources like on this website and her podcast ‘Tits Up to Breast Cancer’, for example, but being a patron on her Patreon will offer exclusive content, first viewing of new content, access to events and depending on the tier selected, reductions on certain services like Enneagram profiles and coaching.

The advice by the Patreon team is to not over-offer at first, as to not overwhelm oneself, but a creator can add more as go along. However, Leighah/Physis Patreon already has a fair few offerings for each tier. There are three tiers of monthly subscriptions.

This is also a way Leighah can offer something to those that cannot afford or no longer afford (giving the recent rise in cost of living) services, so for a small monthly fee (£5, £10, or £15 plus VAT), they can receive resources, self-help, access to certain things. It seems like a win-win. People who are able to afford services may also benefit from the Patreon, as it will give extra things, events, resources in with the fee, and is a creative space to learn and grow in/from.

Patreon automatically take subscription payments on the 1st of the month and handles the finances, so if you want to join it makes sense to join around the 1st of a month.

Here’s the link for those interested:

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