Breast Cancer Podcast from Leighah

I decided to finally get a wiggle on and get this breast cancer podcast started. I have had a difficult day today, with a former colleague bringing yet more discrediting of me, deleting me further from even professional social medias. Instead of letting the anxiety and hurt fester, instead of allowing thoughts and feelings of being put into the shadows, I put my hand to more creativity and production. And my voice is worthy of being heard. This podcast has been a while in the pipeline, and what better day to start it and say ‘Tits Up’ than today 😉

So…I did a thing today…I started a podcast called Tits Up to Breast Cancer (thank you to my good friend and fellow BC warrior, Andrea Elizabeth Kemp, for the idea for the title as an offshoot from my FB breast cancer page).

I notice the podcast place has just put UP in the title and the Tits went…though it is on the photo 😉 ‘Up to breast cancer’ – not sure I am up to it, inconvenience it is 😉 , but the way through is through, so am up to it.

Here is episode 1 – just a 2 minute welcome. More to come.

I want it to be friendly, informal, but professional. Well maybe sometimes not professional 😉 I hope this podcast is somewhere where we can say it as it is 🙂

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