Katy’s Body Image blog post

Katy brought another blog post to her counselling session last week – this time her topic is body image. Katy has challenged so much regarding her body – image in her one-to-one counselling sessions and dance movement body confidence sessions, and in her own reflections and practices outside of the counselling sessions. She has come a long way, and wants to share this with you:

‘Body image is how you look and feel about your body and self-esteem Having, or recovering from, an eating disorder is really difficult, and also when there are body- image issues.
In this blog, I am going to share my self-care tips, and how they help me when my body- image is difficult.

1- My body – image affirmations:

Creating and practicing my body-image affirmations has helped me. One of my favourites is ‘You are worth with how you look. Don’t let anyone say any different about you’.

2 – Keeping a journal:

When I am having a bad day, I put what is bothering me in my journal, so that is it out there, rather than all inside of me, and it puts my mind at ease.

3 – Buying clothes that fit:

In my eating disorder recovery, I have put on weight, so I’ve bought some new clothes that fit, and that are my size and look good. Putting on weight was hard for me, but I don;t want to be ill again with the eating disorder!

4 – Ignoring what people say:

I have had people say to me I am pregnant and that I have put on weight. Those kinds of comments can be damaging. It is nobody’s concern if I have put on weight. People don’t think sometimes.

5 – Unfollowing toxic accounts on social media:

Following people who post toxic content can be triggering. I have removed and blocked these accounts from those people.

6 – I stopped keeping looking in the mirror all the time:

When my body image issues rise up and are bad, I don’t analyse myself in the mirror. I simply don’t look, or I turn the mirror around, or put something over it. Your mind can play tricks on you when you are in a negative body-image frame of mind.

These are my tips that help me, and I hope they will help others as much as they have me.’

2 thoughts on “Katy’s Body Image blog post”

  1. Brilliant tips Katie. Well done! You are challenging negative thoughts and this will empower you to believe in yourself and all that you have achieved. Your determination and continuous use of self-help tools is awe inspiring.
    If i may use one or two to help motivate myself…
    I am going to turn away from the mirror when my mind is unkind. I will practice saying, “I am” positive affirmations.
    So helpful. Thanks. Keep up the amazing self love journey x

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