Mother’s Day/Grief by Katy Langfield

Our client, Katy, has written us another blog post especially for Mother’s Day. Here is what she has to say:

‘Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me, as sadly, my own mum is not here anymore. However, I always celebrate her on Mother’s Day, and make it a positive day.
This year, I will be making one of her favourite meals, and I will be going to Bridlington, which was one of her favourite places, and she used to go there as a child. At nighttime, I will be lighting a candle in remembrance.
I will be doing a bit of self-care. My favourite self-care practices are my affirmations and drawing.

Even though Mother’s Day is bittersweet, I always remember the fun times we had. I always prepare myself for the day, so that it does not get too overwhelming. It has been three years since she has passed. My mum will always be in my heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to mums that are here and mums that are not’

Katy x

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day/Grief by Katy Langfield”

  1. This blog Katy is so touching to read. The couragious and beautiful way you have chosen to remember your Mum is something to hold dear and for others to follow in your footsteps. I am so proud of the steps you have taken to
    embrace such difficult times by cherishing memories through celebrating the love you hold in your heart x

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