Fundraiser to help clients who cannot afford much needed services

As my birthday approaches, I usually do a birthday charity fundraiser via facebook for various charities each year, but this year I have created my own. I want my company Physis Arts and Therapies to be able to help more people who cannot afford to attend some old and some new upcoming groups and services. We are hoping to create some small and partial scholarships for some upcoming groups for those who genuinely cannot afford to pay, but are genuinely in need of therapy, counselling, coaching, post-recovery and development. 100% of the money will go to funding some people to receive this. Physis is client-centred, multi-faceted, has fantastic feedback as a unique and outstanding small company, and many have come to Physis having tried many other places, but said none match Physis for client care, creativity, client-centredness and quality of services and workers. Intern Hannah and a couple of assistants and workers are carefully selected to be in line with Physis vision and qualities. We offer some pro bono places, but these are limited, so a scholarship fund seemed like a good, extra idea.

I don’t want anything for myself for my birthday – but to be able to help others in need through this would bring my heart great joy. So, below is my birthday fundraiser for this year – please have a read ❤

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