A New Online Enneagram Course from Cicci Lyckow Backman and Leighah Beadle-Darcy

Cicci Lyckow Bäckman and I are very excited (well I am, and am assuming she is excited too 😉 ) to announce the birth of our new Enneagram course and landing page for it. It doesn’t start until January, but there is an early bird discount until Nov 1st, so please take advantage of this if you wish as places are limited. We are both passionate about bringing clarity to the places where the Enneagram has got messy, to get to the core and clear concepts of what each type is REALLY about. Using our individual areas of expertise too, we offer added dimensions in getting to clarity and clearing the crap 😉We have made this a course that can benefit both novice and experienced enneagram enthusiasts, students, even teachers.

Please note, whilst one of the modules looks a psychological diagnoses and mental health, this is is relation to Enneagram teaching and is not mental health treatment and Cicci and Leighah will not be operating in treatment and psychotherapy roles on this course, and this will be reserved for other relevant venues.

We hope you will join us ❤


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