Vitamins and Minerals

Last night in the SEED monthly nutrition session, we looks at vitamins and minerals and how they help. Hopefully you will be able to see this chart below if you zoom in (it won’t copy bigger on here). You can also use it as a template and fill in what foods you might try to increase specific vitamins and minerals, and it does not have to be exactly everything written here.

If you are interested in exact amounts, here is a great link for that, and it covers a little more than we had time to last night. Regardless of amounts, I advise you get at least SOME of each vitamin and mineral. It may also help some of you to take a multivitamin to help along the way until you get on track. If you are vegetarian or vegan , a B vitamin supplement can help in the absence of certain animal products. Taking vitamins, however, does not substitute for a balanced food intake across the main food groups. Think supplementation not replacement.

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