Two Poems from Christine to Help and Inspire Others

I have two more poems to share with you today from Christine (see previous entries). Christine has been working hard to overcome an eating disorder, as well as other struggles, and has shown that it is never too late to be who you are, and age 60, she is an inspiration to many. Here is what she sent to me yesterday, and I am passing them on with her permission to you all. Christine has turned this eating disorder and things that have happened in her life, and is gaining back her true self, her beauty and her freedom, and is reaching out to encourage others on their journey. It is a joy and a privilege to work with Christine in therapy and to see her growth and determination.


Finding myself seemed hard to find.
I had lots of issues playing on my mind.
I’ve worked on myself it’s been hard to do.
I’ve dealt with my demons it’s what I had to do.
I used to look at myself and see only the shell.
I forgot about the beauty within myself.
Now when I look i am more aware.
I’m not just a shell, I have more to share.
My body is mine but that’s not all that I am.
I now feel more peace and inner calm.
The freedom to be me at last.
And not just the hurt that’s in my past.
We all see freedom in different ways.
But this is mine and will be with me always.

Christine x


Do you feel lonely and full of despair?
Don’t worry my friend , I have been there.
Your eating disorder has got out of hand.
You can’t control it you bury your head in the sand.
It has a grip on you like no other drug.
I want to reach out and give you a hug.
This is only for now it doesn’t have to be forever.
This eating disorder thinks it’s very clever.
Pluck up the courage and try to get help.
You know you can do this say to yourself.
The first steps the hardest,make no mistake.
But you will get stronger with every step you take.
Others that have been on this journey before.
Will hold your virtual hand of that I am sure.
We are in this together people like you and me.
But together we can beat this you’ll see.

Christine x

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