Dieting is not the Answer

There has been a lot around at the moment about the UK government and obesity. Talk of weight loss and calories on the front of meals etc. As much as they may be wanting to help people struggling with obesity, I do not think the ways they are proposing is going to be helpful. Some of my therapy clients with eating disorders have said they are left feeling the finger has been pointed at them as being ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ because they carry extra weight.
I have further to say on this topic and will be doing a series on it, as part of the Staying Healthy During Covid – 19 Series, but for today, I want to post a fantastic article by Susie Orbach, and a poem by the courageous and creative Christine, who you met on here last week with another of her wonderful poems.


by Christine

Oh yes I’m carrying a few extra pounds.
Possibly fat as raw as that sounds.
But you don’t know why this could be.
You’ve not walked in my shoes you are not me.
I found comfort in eating like no other drug.
Then self hatred once I’d finished so the vomiting would come.
A childhood of hurt and deep seated pain.
I’d follow this pattern again and again.
The self hatred I felt this is how I would cope.
Then I sought help I hadn’t lost hope.
It’s been hard but I’m in recovery.
But if you see me just try not to judge.
Find it inside you just to see.
We all have feelings yes even me.
Please don’t use cruel words and make me feel worse.
I have an eating disorder not a curse.

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