A Poem by an Inspirational Lady

Today, I have a special and extra post, featuring a poem by a very inspirational lady called Christine. Christine has given me permission to share what I am going to share.

Christine is one of my therapy clients, and it is nothing short of a privilege to walk with her into her recovery and fulness of who she is and life. She has battled many things, internally and externally. Christine refuses to give up. As she travels into her freedom and recovery, she has noticed a river of creativity flowing from. To use her words ‘things just come to me’. This poem is one of those moments. I am sure this poem will be an inspiration to others. Christine is 60 years old, and she thought it was too late for her, and that things couldn’t change. Now, Christine says ‘It is never to late and the best years are yet to come!’

This poem is an expression of Christine starting to like herself, offer herself some self-love and accept herself. I am sure it will be an inspiration to many who are struggling with these things, body image issues, eating disorders and other things.

The mirror

She looked in the mirror and hated what she saw.
There was nothing she liked not even her hair.
And then she looked closer straight into her eyes.
And what she saw was no surprise.
She had a heart full of gold,she was loving and kind.
She saw good in others and had an open mind , we’re
all different you see.
She had pain that ran deep right into her soul , that wasn’t her fault.
She had people around that loved her you see.
Others could help her if only she could let them in.
She looked back in the mirror with the treasures she’d seen.
And realised she could change the way she saw herself.
The beauty within could not be ignored.
If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see.
Have another look at yourself.
We all have beauty believe me.

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