Body Image Programme Updates and Autumn/Winter Body Image

The Body Image and Body Confidence self help programme/document has had a little update, and also is now in one single PDF as opposed to separate sheets for each part. It is available for £10 (see front page of this website for places to contact purchase via the links). You will also get the opportunity to be added into a Facebook group for the programme, where you can share and discuss with others who have got the programme as you work through it, and for ongoing body image support.
As Christmas (and also Hannukah and other festivals) begins to approach, the programme may be a good gift for someone who is struggling (if they have told you they struggle with body image, or it is out in the open). Or as a gift to yourself to embrace the new Western calendar year working towards a more positive body image and more body confidence.
Autumn and Winter (I appreciate it is Summer in Southern Hemisphere, so please see previous blog posts on Summer Sun and Body Image etc.) is a time of big warm jumpers coming out, big coats, scarves, and this may mean some people hide their body or take this as an opportunity to hide. OK, we need to keep warm and big, warm jumpers are great, but for some it may be comfortable as they want to hide their body. Then, on the other hand, there are things like Christmas and New Years parties, and some may be anxious about party clothes that are more revealing and closer to the body. Then there are those who may worry about having eaten and drunk more than usual during the festive season, and come the New Year, they ‘resolve’ to diet, lose weight, exercise more. Then, it may be difficult to keep their ‘resolutions’ and the guilt sets in, or they feel bad about their bodies (There will be more posts about healthy lifestyle changes, changes in attitude and view, as opposed to ‘diets’ and ‘resolutions’ nearer the New Year).  It can be a very difficult season for some, and body image issues can ruin what could have been an enjoyable season, or at least a season to cozy up, enjoy warm food and eat to keep warm and to enjoy some of the festive foods in a balanced way.
There will be more posts around nutrition, the festive season and body image in the coming weeks, in order to offer a little help as the season approaches.

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