Body Image Self Help Programme

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The Body Image and Body Confidence Self Help Programme has been updated a little in content and formatted into one PDF document, instead of individual attachments for each section. This not only looks better, but is more easy to navigate for the user.

For those who haven’t heard of this new programme, it is an aid to guide you to more body confidence and a more positive body image. Of course, body image can increase and decrease for any of us at any stage of the life-cycle and for certain reasons, and it is hoped that this programme will be a good go to at those times, as well as putting in place more awareness around body image, and something of a more positive body image overall. It is a starting place for an ongoing journey and on go understanding and development regarding your body image.  There are things to explore about your body image, exercises to try as well as information and links to further resources. In addition, there is the option of being added to a Facebook group for the programme, where you can share, ask questions, discuss your progress or things that arise, and be with others who have the programme. The programme is a starting point or a refresher for those who have done some body image work. It is an aid to help yourself or to discuss with your therapist, counsellor or coach, or in any other venues where increasing positive body image may be relevant.

There is a £10 fee for the programme, to cover administrative costs and time spent by facilitators overseeing the Facebook group. This fees also ensures people want to invest in themselves, and take their development seriously.

To access the programme, please email on leighahsbd@gmail.comdb434cf3810a75ce7888a7f5ea927417

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