Embracing Autumn

It is well and truly into Autumn now. September has gone. We have passed the Autumn Equinox. Here we are, in October. The air is more chilly and the nights are darker more early. For some people, as mentioned in the previous post, this can mean the onset of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Even if not prone to SAD, for many it is a time of less energy and there is less sunlight, and for shorter hours. The lead up to Christmas can be stressful for some for many reasons. Sitting in the garden with a lemonade and the warm air has gone until next year (where there is something of a warmer climate during Summer). With the nights closing in earlier, people’s bodies may have less energy in the evening. In addition, it can also be a cozy time…fluffy jumpers, scarves and boots whilst walking in the crisper air, the fireside and warm food. The colours of Autumn are rich, deep. Grasslands with trees are suddenly a carpet of warm reds, oranges and mustard yellow. It could be seen as a kid of colour therapy!

How might you bring more energy to the Autumn and Winter months? Do you need good, warm, nourishing food? A comforting knit? More light in the home? How about some fairy lights? If you suffer from SAD, a light box for light therapy may help (if you have money for this…there are some inexpensive ones…or maybe you could ask someone for one as a Christmas gift, or ask for little donations as Christmas presents towards one if people ask what you want). If you cannot get a light box, maybe make sure you go outside during daylight for a little while each day…wrap up warm, maybe sit with a hot drink and take in the daylight and the Autumn sun.

The seasons change and we somehow need to change with them. Why not aim to take the best each season offers, and for the more difficult aspects, explore ways you can make it that little more easy for yourself.

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

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