Summer Sun and Body Image

The sun is out again today. The appearance of the sun, whilst providing us with much needed vitamin D for health, can trigger body image issues in some people. Fearing ‘getting their legs out’ because ‘they are too white’ or ‘too fat’ or ‘ I have cellulite’ (here is a reality check – the photos on Instagram etc. are often airbrushed/filtered and most women have some cellulite or dimpled skin – it is a part of the natural body). The root of body image issues usually comes from feeling not good enough, of not matching certain ‘standards’ or seeing oneself as less than others.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a bit of a tan or to tone up your legs, but make this your life goal and you miss so many other parts of life and joy. It is interesting as talking to an Indian woman in coaching not long ago, she said how she used to bleach her beautiful coffee brown skin to be whiter! She doesn’t now, but it was an interesting discussion around the ‘grass being greener’ elsewhere!

Your legs, arms, other bits of skin are nobody’s business. Afraid of your shorts because of some dimples on your legs? Remember most have some. Be the one who leads the way for others to see they can put their shorts on too and feel the sun on their skin, not sweat under thick jeans or slacks. I know that is easier said than done, but if you feel you can be brave to do it,  go for it! You and your body have a right to walk in this world!

If you are struggling and need extra help, maybe you would like to purchase the Body Image Self Help Online Programme for £10 (see link on Welcome page here). It is a basic programme to get you started on looking at and challenging any body image issues that are around for you and taking some steps towards self acceptance, self confidence, self esteem and self worth. Self worth is key, and remember ‘You are worthy as anyone with how you look’!!!

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