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Welcome to the website!

Physis is a Greek word standing for the principle of change and growth in nature.

Here you can learn about Physis  Arts and Therapies and which services are on offer and what they mean. You can also read about different aspects of life coaching, therapy, psychology and self – help, and about life and development.  There will also be various quizzes and tests, other articles/blog posts, essays, and products to buy. Hopefully there will be something for you or to nourish your interests, path and way forward.

Here is a link to the Facebook page with the different services from Physis Arts and Therapies, and products on available along with prices:


If you are not in the area or live too far to travel or are unable to travel for in person work, or simply if you prefer video call, sessions can be through the Zoom platform (a video call and conference platform) or via Skype etc. There are some online self-help and email services too for certain areas.

Other practitioners and websites will be linked on here too for further reads and services.

For a list of my professional, academic and research papers, please see my Academia.edu page (if you have access to the site or want to set up access):


For those interested in the subject of Shame, here is a blog kept on it, which will be updated as and when relevant to the work and research:


For those in Midlife and Beyond, you may be interested in visiting or following the Midlife Musings Blog below, and/or joining the Facebook group to which it is joined:



Leighah’s Breast Cancer Podcast


For Meyers-Briggs (MBTI) personality profiling and Enneagram type interviews, research and information, please see Physis Arts and Therapies sub organisation ‘MBTI and Enneagram Services and Information’:

(page under re-construction)

To buy resources to get started deeply on your MBTI type, see below from Personality Hacker, where I received my certification as a profiler. They also have a load of free content on various subjects:


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